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Flagship's 3rd Birthday Bash

Tucked strategically away from the hassle and bustle of the business district, you will find Flagship, a bar that is no stranger to cocktail enthusiasts or whisky lovers.

If the sounds of the Sex Pistols and Guns N’ Roses delight your ears, then Flagship is the haunt you are looking for. Armed with an all-embracing whisky list, Flagship is the home of the Old Fashioned, the misfits, and the rebels.  To celebrate their 3rd rockin' anniversary last Saturday, Flagship invited a special guest, Joseph Hall of Satan's Whiskers Cocktail Bar, a bar focused on techniques and freshness, hailing all the way from the East End of London that boasts of a customized cocktail list that changes daily.

Staying true to its love for cocktails and especially, the Old Fashioned, Flagship’s 3rd birthday was also a showcase of the different takes on this well-loved classic.  Find out what twists Joseph made to his versions of the Old Fashioned below.

1. 24 Karat


Remember that famous Billie Jean cover by Bruno Mars? A refreshed and more relevant version of the classic hit? Yes, that is the equivalent of 24 Karat’s take on the Old Fashioned in the cocktail world. The 24 Karat’s characteristic flavour comes from its vanilla-anise flavour and subtle citrus and woodsy herbal undernotes. Absolut Elyx was also added for its highly prized silky texture and taste.

2. Yamborghini Highball

Whether you see this as a play on the car or the famous hip hop track, this cocktail is guaranteed to give you the high you’re looking for. Opting for a more refreshing taste, cucumbers were chosen over the typical Angostura bitters. If you are a fan of botanical flavours without all the bitterness, the Yamborghini Highball is your perfect go to drink.

With its unique taste stemming from a mixture of malt, cereals and barley, Jameson whiskey gave this cocktail a smooth flavour, without all the smoky and burnt-rubber aftertaste. So, if you’re new to whisky, the Yamborghini Highball will make you a convert.

3. Tuxedo #2.5

As apt as its name, the Tuxedo #2.5 was the gentleman’s cocktail of the night. This cocktail was the perfect combination of sweet, bitter, citrusy and spicy flavours. The star of the cocktail was none other than the authentically crafted Olmeca Altos Blanco, that gave the drink its bright, fresh and spicy flavours that finished with tinges of candied ginger.  Aromatic, smooth and botanical, the Tuxedo #2.5 packs a punch while having a subtler and sweeter aftertaste. Real gentlemen appreciate some sweetness too.

4. Dench Martini

Every lady needs to get her Martini on occasionally and the Dench Martini is the way to go. Don’t be fooled by its extensive cognac make-up, this drink is definitely a win for the ladies. The rich and lush tastes of the cognacs fuse perfectly with the fresh pineapple juice. Fresh and light, it was marked by an oaky taste that was amplified by the world-renown Martell VSOP. It was also served in an elegant coupe class, perfectly fitted for demure and edgy ladies alike.

5. Saturn

The last of the cocktails, the Saturn, was also the naughtiest and most dolled-up drink of the night. Unlike the four cocktails before, the Saturn was blended with ice and tasted exactly like your favourite passionfruit ice blend, only that it was alcoholic. Sweet and citrusy, this thirst quencher was made for gin lovers and the gin used was no ordinary gin. The Monkey 47 gin is made up of 47 special herbs from the Black Forest in Germany and was crafted with unsurpassed artisanal skill.

As the night went on, streams of people filled Flagship. Jollying and drinking into the night, it was evident that everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously. Flagship’s 3rd birthday bash was a night to remember. Joseph only made it more memorable with his delightful concoctions that stole the hearts of the gentlemen and ladies present. Impeccable selection of spirits, sumptuous dishes, unparalleled company and catchy tunes, that’s all you need to make a party a success!