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Esquire Shophouse Pop-Up X Martell


Martell was one of the many proud sponsors of the terrifically well received Esquire Shophouse event which took place early last month. Esquire has been at the forefront of providing the latest and most relevant lifestyle news to men around the world for decades. To further build on Esquire’s aim of inspiring men to build a life that matters, Esquire Singapore went a step further by celebrating the Singaporean man at his best with an interactive pop-up event held at a classic shophouse on Duxton Hill.

1. The Attic

esquireshophouse attic

The Attic featured top local menswear labels alongside personalized style consultations from the Esquire Singapore fashion team. Men from all walks of life were thrilled to pick up styling tips from

2. The Atelier

esquire artelier

The Atelier was packed on opening night as guests made themselves at home while indulging in a cornucopia of cheeses, charcuterie and cakes.

On the weekend, The Atelier was home to masterclasses held by industry experts aimed at enhancing one's life. Imagine picking up a thing or two about creative writing from best-selling author, Neil Humphreys or learn how to showcase your charisma from the great Michael Callahan.

3. The Martell Bar

esquire martell bar

The bar was created for cocktails enthusiasts and booze lovers alike. The experts from Martell delighted everyone by concocting a list of delectable cocktails specially for the event. Aspiring bartenders were also able to sign up for cocktail workshops.

4. Esquire Talks

esquire talks

Crowds of passionate men and women swarmed the Esquire Talks hoping for a chance to be involved in the thought-provoking discussions. From LGBT rights to cryptocurrency, the Esquire Talks did not shy away from matters that mattered.

5. Food Hall

esquire food hall magnum

Hungry after a full day of activities and thought-provoking discussions? How about refueling with a smorgasbord of drinks and treats? The Food Hall was filled with spreads of delectable delights; the perfect place to recharge.

6. The Lounge

the lounge esquire martell

For those who wanted to mingle and network with a glass of G.H Mumm Champagne or Martell Sour, The Lounge was the place to be.

How about a dessert to start off before drinking? Sure! Patrons were greeted with a magnum ice cream bar just at the entrance leading to The Lounge. What more? Everyone got to customize their own magnum too!

What a stupendous way to start and end the weekend.