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  • 4 Ingredients

  • 10 mins

  • Beginner level

Meet Canchánchara: one of Cuba's longtime favourites. Born on the cobblestone streets in the colonial town of Trinidad in Cuba, it was invented during the infamous 10-year Cuban War for independence by guerrilla fighters and is considered to be Cuba's oldest known cocktail.

This invigorating cocktail is easy to make and refreshes you instantly. It is typically served in a handle-less rounded glass and is also one of the best drinks to end the day with.


45 ml Havana Club rum

15 ml fresh lime/citrus juice

10 ml honey syrup (premixed with 1 tsp of hot water)

1 Lime wedge for garnish


Step 1

Mix 45 ml of Havana Club rum, 15 ml of fresh lime juice and 10 ml of honey syrup (premixed with 1 tsp of hot water) in a cocktail shaker. Fill it up with ice and give it a nice shake until the concoction is frosted. Once you hands start getting cold, you know that the cocktail is ready.

Step 2

Fill your serving glass with ice and pour your cocktail in.

Step 3

Top it off with a little pinch of lime and add the same lime wedge into the glass as a garnish.


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