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Iconic MVSOP Doubles

Iconic MVSOP Doubles


Aged exclusively in red fine-grained oak barrel

(Pack of 2 Martell VSOP Red Barrels 350ml)

An Authentic Expression of the Martell Style Martell VSOP now aged exclusively in red fine-grained oak barrel. These fine-grained oak casks take longer to mature, a key factor in the new delicate and refined style of the Martell cognac, resulting in enriching fruity aromas. A Deeper Exploration of the Influence of Fine-Grained Oak Aged reddish wood creates the perfect bed to mature the cognac Allowing natural fruit aromas to blend harmoniously with subtle woody notes A brilliantly rich and refined cognac.


Intense fresh fruity aromas like cherry plum and greengage fruit. Gently coated by subtle mellowed woody notes.


Full, broad and intense fruity tones of plums, honeymoon peaches and apricots.


Delicate notes of sweet spices from the wood round out this deliciously complex cognac.